ALI traces its roots to the Dublin Agile community from the early to mid 2010’s. We have grown to become the largest Agile / Lean meetup group in Ireland with several thousand members. Our meetups have been a mix of presentations by local practitioners and international experts, workshops, lean coffee and lightning talks. We were one of the first – possibly  the first – to use videoconferencing to bring international experts to our local audience.  In 2017 we established a conference. This has grown year on year and has been recognised as one of the best Agile conferences in the world by TechBeacon.

ALI2020, our most recent conference was a multi-track two day conference with speakers and delegates from around the world. In recent years we have experimented with expanding locally – by running events in Carlow – and internationally with a conference in Frankfurt. ALI is volunteer-led with a small cohort of 6 coordinating the conference supported by 30+ other loyal volunteers who are dispersed around the world.

What they said about past Agile-Lean International conferences

“Great conference! Super-engaged participants, and lots of interesting conversations between the sessions.” – Henrik Kniberg

“Insightful, educational, and very enjoyable. I always look forward to ALI events, and especially the conferences (I haven’t missed one yet).” – Dave Albert

“Overall ALI was an extremely well put together conference. I learned something from every talk I attended and the delegates were smart and curious which provided for fascinating hallway conversation as well” – Jeff Gothelf