Who we are

“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge” – Plato

Who we are

As we emerge stronger from the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis, ALI is delighted to launch its forthcoming series of meetings and conferences and expand our contribution to the agile community.

ALI’s strategy is to expand Agile and Lean values and principles throughout the organisation and support our growing community, cultivating an Agile mindset and making strategic choices to embrace these new ways of working.

Since our formation in 2010, we have garnered outstanding support from our community, and in return, have connected you with the best of Agile and Lean thought leaders in the field to learn from and share ideas. We plan on continuing to do just that, keeping pace with the growth of Agile and offering support for the multiple new roles across the organisation, helping our members to discover and learn more about the benefits of Agile ways of thinking and working.

Who we serve: Community for Community

First and foremost, ALI serves the frontline employee battling to deliver to their business and spanning a diverse range of roles; from agile coaches, product managers and scrum masters to HR specialists, developers, operations heroes, and leaders.

We also support the entire organisation. As we have learned, islands of super Agile and Lean execution ultimately suffer without the organisation moving in the same direction, speaking the same language, and most importantly, embracing the same values and behaviours.

So, we serve the individual, and the organisation, in support of the individual.

How we serve

We are committed to continuing to connect with an array of Agile and Lean specialists, coaches and trainers to share their knowledge and expertise with our community.

We are tracking the expansion and migration of Agile and Lean practices and approaches globally.

The depth of knowledge accumulated over the past 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was first published is extensive. With the focus primarily on the App-Dev world growing into Product Management, and the broader IT organisation, the move into the organisation as a whole is growing exponentially, bringing with it a fast-growing need for knowledge and guidance. Although many see the value of this growth, transformation efforts have failed.

The focus on management changes in a successful Agile environment is very significant. An emerging picture is one where the classic traditional management styles of the 20th century need to give way to a much more people-centric model. This can be a difficult scenario when half the organisation has made the shift, and the other half has not. Also, leveraging traditional management tactics of change to deliver that new Agile working environment can cause conflict.

To continue to grow ALI’s value-add within our community, for both organisations and individuals, ALI is committed to bridging the connections between various community members and providing a platform for successfully sharing experiences and knowledge.

What they said about past Agile-Lean International conferences

“Insightful, educational, and very enjoyable. I always look forward to ALI events, and especially the conferences (I haven’t missed one yet).” – Dave Albert

“Great conference! Super-engaged participants, and lots of interesting conversations between the sessions.” – Henrik Kniberg

“Overall ALI was an extremely well put together conference. I learned something from every talk I attended and the delegates were smart and curious which provided for fascinating hallway conversation as well” – Jeff Gothelf