About us

Who are our Members

We are a forum of industry experts, and rich strategic alliances – with businesses, agencies, corporates and organisations working together for the same thing. Success. From top local companies and entrepreneurs, to multi-nationals… from pioneering research institutions to academic leaders…. ours is a network that brings greatness together in the name of progress and knowledge.

What is our Purpose and Vision?

We are committed to enhancing our members’ competitiveness and growth, through the sharing of business excellence. To be the business-excellence and knowledge-sharing network of choice for the manufacturing and services sectors in Ireland. In all that we do, we aim to maximise our members’ success, while contributing towards Ireland’s recovery, growth and competitiveness.


What Do We Do?

  • We bring you knowledge through events and seminars
  • We help you secure your competitive edge through funded training.
  • We connect you to the experiences of others in the know - through visits to Member companies.
  • We help you get known and ‘get-to-know’ - with key networking events.
  • We link you in with the local research landscape, keeping you at the cutting edge of technology and data-analytics.
  • We empower your people, processes and your technology through advanced training and learning programmes.

What is Our Mission?

  • We promote and develop business excellence through benchmarking, knowledge-sharing forums, and training and development.
  • We facilitate members to access solutions to organisational challenges. Our Call for Support process is an efficient, confidential and fast community-based process which uses our entire business network as a resource.
  • We service the developmental and transformational needs of member organisations and individuals – to improve capability and achieve sustained business success.
  • We expand and further develop strategic experts, and form alliances with relevant agencies and institutions for the benefit of our members.
  • We work with senior leaders on problem-solving and promote Irish business excellence on a global platform.